Better product selection

Impress employees with more beverage, snack, and food choices available 24/7.

Destination drinks

Loads of healthy beverages are available in the micro-market cooler.

Food facility

Fresh food made at a local FDA-approved commissary is a great value.

Snacking site

Find all types of specialty and unique snacks to pair with beverages and food.

Customized to your needs

Micro-markets are made to perfectly fit the size and space at your Northwest Arkansas location.
Nothing impresses Northwest Arkansas employees more than a well-crafted micro-market. At NAV Vending, we start with your needs, number of employees, and available break room space to create the ideal solution. Micro-markets can be large or small and altered to meet a high-volume of employees or a dedicated few.

Micro-markets include an extraordinary number of snack, food, and drink options with plenty of fresh and unique choices. The micro-market is open all day, everyday, thanks to the completely secure self-checkout kiosk. Employees can pay with all the latest options, including mobile payments and using touchless options to stop germs.

Self-serve micro-markets in Northwest Arkansas and Fayetteville

Bringing freshness and convenience to your Northwest Arkansas break rooms with Northwest Arkansas Vending. Add a variety of delicious, ready-to-serve meals to your custom micro-markets today!

Northwest Arkansas and Fayetteville micro-markets

Offering touchless technology

It’s important to offer touchless options in today’s Northwest Arkansas workforce in order to prevent the spread of germs. Micro-markets allow for touchless product scanning and payment, via credit cards, mobile app, or micro-market account. It’s an ideal self-checkout solution.

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