Advanced technology ensures a better experience for you and your Arkansas employees!

Mobile App Technology Improves the Arkansas Break Room Experience

Instant Reviews

We love hearing from our customers and gaining immediate feedback on our services.

Immediate Refreshment Requests

Employees can request different refreshment options directly to NAV, reducing the burden of your office manager!

Telemetry© technology allows us to understand your break room needs. This means we’re always stocked with the right products for your break room.

Light Speed© technology ensures that our warehouse operations are always efficient and timely.

And, so much more…

Increases Service Efficiency

Advanced technology allows us to predict what you need for your break room when you need it. Which means we make service trips only when we need to!
Reducing unnecessary contact with your Arkansas employees. 

Creates Contact-less
Payment Options

Our vending machines have USA Technology©. This technology makes mobile payments with a credit card, debit card, or numerous e-pay options a breeze!

Our micro-markets are also equipped with technology to allow for mobile payment! Both options reduce unnecessary contact points for your Arkansas employees.

Both options reduce unnecessary contact points
for your Arkansas employees. 

Reduces Our Impact on the Environment

State of the art technology allows us to be efficient and reduce any unnecessary energy waste.

LED Lights
Reduce Energy Consumption

Efficient Service Routes
Increases Fuel Efficiency

Generic Energy Efficient Equipment reduces unnecessary waste

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