As the rules and regulations change around health and safety, we will follow suit because your employee’s safety is our number one priority! Here’s what you can expect from us moving forward.

Our employees will wear face-masks and gloves, maintain an appropriate social distance, and frequently wash their hands.

We will do daily health checks for COVID-19 symptoms - including daily temperate checks.

When we service your break room, we will sanitize all kiosks, coffee machines, vending screens, and touch-pads.

All surfaces and products in our warehouses and delivery trucks are rigorously sanitized daily.

Here’s why our break rooms have thrived during COVID-19

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment options create contactless break room experiences that can be open 24/7

Employee Well Being

Provide a healthy grab and go solution for the overall wellbeing of employees.

Reduce Off-Site Trips

Offering refreshments can reduce the need to go off-site for refreshments – avoiding unnecessary contact points.

Remotely Managed

Break room inventory managed remotely, allowing us to reduce the number of trips we make to stock your break room.

You can rest assured that your employee’s health and safety
is our number one priority as your break room refreshment provider!

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